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Reporting Policies

Since November 1st, 2022, we decided to become the leader in transparency and accountability. We publicise all our incoming donations including month, amount and donor name where allowed, as well as detailed reports on what the money is being used. Acceptance acts for all aid are kept and can be shared in full upon request.  

We only deliver medical and humanitarian items.

Live Reporting

16 Feb 2023 - today (Off-road Ambulance Conversions)

We are buying 4*4 SUVs or vans and are converting them to a medical rescue vehicles, which allows the medical personnel to evacuate people from hard to reach areas while providing basic medical help. 

Currently the evacuation of wounded is mostly done in two stages: firstly the injured is loaded in a pickup to move through off-road terrain and then transferred to an ambulance. No extra medical aid such as IV drips and wound inspection can be administered in a pickup, so our aim is to convert off-road vehicles to 1) allow the administration of extra medical help 2) create a 1-step process.
Although such custom-made vehicles already exist, these are bespoke solutions are typically more than £15000 per used vehicle without delivery costs. Our total budget allows a 4*4 van or SUV conversion at £5500  (where up to £4500 are spent on the vehicle, under £1000 on basic conversion). Additional £850 are required to get the vehicle to Ukraine.
We have surveyed various medics, paramedics and evacuation teams and came up with the minimal necessary requirements for such vehicles. 

1 Nov 2022 - 15 Feb 2023 (Helping the liberated South with generators and "Unbreakable Hubs")

The liberated villages of the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions suffered through 9 months of occupation and most saw heavy fighting with the complete destruction of civil infrastructure. The targeted bombing of civilan infrastrucute in other parts of Ukraine, put civil life at risk

Following the President’s initiative on creating “unbreakable centres” to last through the winter, we partnered with local administrations to set up a number of such centres. The centres were set up with generators and mobile connectivity to ensure that the local population can call for medical help, charge their phones and torches, stay warm and talk to their loved ones.

Our brave volunteers travelled to remote and hard-to-access villages, to be the first to deliver generators and consequently the opportunity to return back to normal life


•7 Unbreakable Hubs open

•10 villages supplied with generators

•3 villages with generators for shared communal use

•2 water pumping

•2 small village medical facilities

TOTAL IMPACT: 28 villages, 2 Hospitals

(results are preliminary and can vary by up to 5%)

Detailed reports are available here

1 Mar 2022 - 01 Nov 2022

The chaos of the first few months of the war inhibited quality reporting, however, the team behind Mission Ukraine successfully delivered circa 1M GBP of aid to the Army


On-demand deliveries include with our partners at Supporters_UA, BU Aid and other groups and donors asking for unit-specific deliveries


Photo-reports and acceptance acts for at least 80% of the items are available

Bulletproof vests - 535

Ballistic helmets - 926

Pick-ups - 47

IFAK kits- 600

Various medical items for hospitals -1000s

CAT tourniquets, Celox and Collaclot - 400

High-end drones - 25

Radios - 30

Night-vision devices, scopes - 18 

Boots, Military clothes, sleeping bags 100s

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