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Supporters_UA is a medical organization that specializes in assembling first aid kits. These kits are designed to provide essential medical supplies and resources that can be critical in combat situations.


While Mission Ukraine and Supporters_UA have different areas of focus, both organizations are working towards the common goal of helping people in Ukraine. By combining our efforts, we can make a significant impact and help improve the lives of those in need.

Ukraine Dorset is a community group in the south of England that is dedicated to helping Ukrainian refugees. The group was formed in response to the ongoing war in Ukraine, with the objective of providing support to Ukrainian refugees who have resettled in the South of England.


Under the thoughtful leadership of Eyzie and Roland, Ukraine Dorset has been able to provide outstanding support. They have also worked to build a sense of community and belonging for refugees, helping them to integrate into their new environment and feel welcome in their new home.

Insulate Ukraine are a Scottish-Ukrainian Initiative to rapidly restore destroyed windows. The windows are triple-glazed polyethene windows designed to protect against the cold. IU windows insulate like double glazing, let light through, cost $15 per square meter of the window, and can be built at home in 15 minutes from basic materials.

The Ukraine War Archive is a non-profit information platform that aggregates and organises media materials collected from the war in Ukraine for use as evidence. Archive access will therefore expedite effective legal proceedings, both in Ukraine and internationally. UWA likewise offers a secure resource for research conducted by NGOs, historians and documentarians.

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